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The Aspis is an area Shield walker from the Shieldbot Factory.

Aspis (shieldshield)
Area Shield Walker
Cost 600
Hit Points 700
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 62
Turn Rate (deg/s) 415
Vision Radius (elmo) 300
Transportable Light
Energy Shield
Strength (HP) 3600
Regen (HP/s) 50
Regen cost (E/s) 12
Radius (elmo) 350

To Aegis
Cost 0
Time (s) 30
Disabled during morph Yes


The Aspis protects surrounding units with its area shield by destroying enemy projectiles and will automatically connect to other shield-equipped units to share charge. The area shield will not stop units and only intercepts projectiles on its perimeter, so enemies can get under the shield and shoot at the units inside. Recharging and maintaining area shields costs energy.


Tactics and Strategy

Remember that the Aspis (along with the Iris) is amphibious, so it can be used to shield friendly ships, amphbots, hovercraft, Reefs, Shoguns, and even Detriments alongside land units. Also remember that the Athena can build Aspis (along with Irises), so there's always an opportunity to build them without needing a Shieldbot Factory, even if the battle takes place at sea (though you may need to terraform some dry land in order to build Athenas at sea if your Strider Hub is built far from dry land).