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The Blastwing is a flying bomb with burrowing ability from the Gunship Plant.

Blastwing (gunshipbomb)
Flying Bomb (Burrows)
Cost 55
Hit Points 100
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 246
Turn Rate (deg/s) 189
Vision Radius (elmo) 380
Personal Cloak
Only when idle
Free and automated
Decloak radius (elmo) 75

Instant self-destruction
Blastwing Explosion
Damage 80
Afterburn (s) 1 (15 DPS)
Area of Effect (elmo) 128
Ground Burn DPS 18
Ground Burn radius (elmo) 128
Ground Burn duration (s) 20


The Blastwing does only a small amount of damage, suitable for taking out mexes, solars, Lotus towers, wind farms and caretakers, though it can offer a more formidible punch en-masse. Be mindful of the speed and direction it is travelling, as much of the damage done by it is directional shrapnel that will continue on the trajectory of the bomb after it dies. In this way, you can spray an enemy with shards of metal even if your Blastwing dies before it is in range.

Do not pack them too tightly, as a group of them can chain explode. Blastwings fly close to the ground and can be accidentally set off if they stick around for too long in flame left by other Blastwings.

It can be useful for scouting and laying traps for raiders, and it cloaks when landed.