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The Halberd is a blockade runner hover from the Hovercraft Platform.

Halberd (hoverassault)
Blockade Runner Hover
Cost 210
Hit Points 1250
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 96
Turn Rate (deg/s) 162
Vision Radius (elmo) 385
Sonar (elmo) 385
Transportable Light
Armored Form
Reduction (%) 75%
Direct Energy Weapon
Damage 150
Reload Time (s) 1.20
Damage per Second 125
Range (elmo) 200
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 200


The Halberd buttons down into its armored hull when not firing, offering 4x damage resistance. Its slow, short-ranged weapon is unsuitable for use against highly mobile targets.

Tactics and Strategy

Set the Halberd's fire state to "hold fire mode" to keep it from opening up its protective hull to fire at enemies, thus keeping its damage reduction capabilities active (for, say, when it needs to speed past some modest defenses).