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The Jack is a melee assault jumper from the Jumpbot Factory.

Jack (jumpassault)
Melee Assault Jumper
Cost 600
Hit Points 6000
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 54
Turn Rate (deg/s) 237
Vision Radius (elmo) 350
Transportable Medium
Range (elmo) 400
Reload (s) 10
Speed (elmo/s) 120
Midair jump Yes
Damage 300
Reload Time (s) 1
Damage per Second 300
Range (elmo) 125
Instantly hits
Ignores shields
Water capable


The Jack is a melee assault walker with jumpjets. A few Jacks can easily level most fortification lines. Its small range and very low speed make it very vulnerable to skirmishers.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

The Jack is another one of multi-use units in Jumpbot Factory rooster. Jacks are both tanks, damage dealers and sometimes even raiders in their own right.

The Jack can take quite a punishment, allowing them to tank in front of less sturdy units like Moderators or Firewalkers. Their large healthpool and their jump ability also allows them to cross defence lines with ease, making it easy to send several Jacks behind enemy lines to wreak havoc.

The Jack has a surprisingly strong damage, mainly coming from its fast attack rate. You always want to outrange and outrun them in a fight. The best way of dealing with them are disabling methods. Units such as Venom, Bolas or Gnat will give your army a window to dispose of Jacks.

Jacks can also be utilized in a very specific tactic using Newton turrets and their Newton Firezones command. It can allow your opponent to quickly overrun your base of operations, so keep an eye out for that.