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The Redback is a riot spider from the Spider Factory.

Redback (spiderriot)
Riot Spider
Cost 240
Hit Points 900
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 54
Turn Rate (deg/s) 336
Vision Radius (elmo) 366
Transportable Light
Auto Particle Beam
Damage 70
Reload Time (s) 0.30
Damage per Second 233
Range (elmo) 300
Instantly hits


A rapid fire spider which excels at picking off fast units.

Strategy and Tactics

This spider excels at taking out fast units, a problem for the spider factory in general. Like most of the spiders, the Redback can be merged with Recluses and turned into a hard-to beat combo, as raiders will have a problem closing the distance. Its somewhat high range for a riot allows for some kiting, and is very hard to engage with short ranged units. It also has the highest DPS, which makes constantly strafing the enemy a good idea, as it allows the Redback to deal more damage. Powerful vs Gunships as well.

Keep away from skirmishers/artillery.

The spider is tall enough to shoot over each other, and it is much stronger if it is in groups.