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The Rogue is a skirmisher bot (indirect fire) from the Shieldbot Factory.

Rogue (shieldskirm)
Skirmisher Bot (Indirect Fire)
Cost 120
Hit Points 540
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 59
Turn Rate (deg/s) 392
Vision Radius (elmo) 583
Transportable Light
Heavy Rocket
Damage 350
Reload Time (s) 7
Damage per Second 50
Range (elmo) 530
Area of Effect (elmo) 38
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 192
Arcing shot (deg) 31


The Rogue's arcing rockets have a low rate of fire, but do a lot of damage - this makes Rogues very good at dodging in and out of range of enemy units or defenses, or in a powerful initial salvo. Counter them by attacking them with fast units, or crawling bombs when massed.

Tactics And Strategy[edit]

Move Rogues in range of static defenses when you are ready to fire, and not beforehand; in doing so, you can reduce the maximum amount of damage inflicted on them.

Outlaws and Bandits can offer some protection against raider-type units for Rogues.

Thugs may be used to tank the damage from static defenses that outrange the Rogue, and the Rogue's high damage output can often destroy said defenses before many losses are sustained.

Rogues have relatively slow rockets, so slowing down the enemy forces with Outlaws or similar units can increase the chance of hitting them.