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The Skuttle is a cloaked jumping anti-heavy bomb from the Jumpbot Factory.

Skuttle (jumpbomb)
Cloaked Jumping Anti-Heavy Bomb
Cost 550
Hit Points 250
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 46
Turn Rate (deg/s) 396
Vision Radius (elmo) 280
Transportable Light
Personal Cloak
Upkeep (mobile) (E/s) 15
Upkeep (idle) (E/s) 5
Decloak radius (elmo) 180

Range (elmo) 400
Reload (s) 10
Speed (elmo/s) 180
Midair jump No

Instant self-destruction
Damage 8002
Area of Effect (elmo) 90


This slow-moving, expensive cloaked unit can jump on to enemy units and blast even a heavy tank straight to hell. Counter with swarms of cheap screening units. Be careful of its very small explosion radius when using it.

Tactics and Strategy

Expensive, slow and unwieldy in comparison to its other explosive brothers [1], the Skuttle is a niche unit, primarily used to devastate enemy with pinpoint strikes at expensive units, heavy structures, commanders and other high priority targets.

While using the Skuttle, beware of its large decloak radius, as it boasts low hitpoints and can be destroyed in seconds. Always have your Skuttles go separately from your main force, as to avoid possible explosions in the midst of your own units.

Using the Skuttle effectively requires knowledge of your target, its defences and enemy rooster. Area jammers, like Cornea, cheap scouts in big numbers such as Fleas or Darts quickly diminish the chance of success. Mind your energy income and reserves, so as to not find your bomb decloaking in the group of enemies. Final stretch should be cut with the jump, which also allows Skuttles to ignore elevation by terraforming , enemies in the way or even reach flying units. Remember that Skuttle decloaks when jumping, and can be shot down before reaching the target. Because of the small explosion range, always try to get as close as possible, as its damage drops sharply with range.

Some units and structures are tough enough as to withstand one Skuttle, so you might need to consider other options, or just through more of them at the enemy until there's nothing left.

Small graph to help with numbers game for some of the usual targets.

Enemy units/structure: Required number of Skuttles:
spidercrabe.png Crab

tankheavyassault.png Cyclops
amphassault.png Grizzly
gunshipkrow.png Krow
striderdante.png Dante
striderbantha.png Paladin
staticarty.png Cerberus
turretantiheavy.png Lucifer

1 for moving, 2 for stationary








- The damage is considered to be dealt point-blank (maximum) to a full-health enemy.

- Notice that all of these excanges are cost-efficient, but beware of the reclaim left after the units demise.