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The Widow is a cloaked scout/anti-heavy from the Spider Factory with an exceptionally strong EMP stunner.

Widow (spiderantiheavy)
Cloaked Scout/Anti-Heavy
Cost 280
Hit Points 270
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 77
Turn Rate (deg/s) 356
Vision Radius (elmo) 550
Transportable Light
Personal Cloak
Upkeep (mobile) (E/s) 15
Upkeep (idle) (E/s) 5
Decloak radius (elmo) 60

Can ignore unidentified targets
Damage 0
EMP Damage 8000
Reload Time (s) 35
Damage per Second 0 + 229
Stun Time (s) 30
Range (elmo) 120
Instantly hits


Widow is an excellent scout, and very difficult to detect. It can penetrate deep into enemy lines.

The Widow's short-range stunner will paralyze any one target for a very long time, except for some Striders.

Its weapon has a very long reload and works best as a force multiplier to help your army take out a single hard-to-destroy target. When encountering smaller units, the widow is most likely to survive by using hit-and-run tactics and finding a secluded spot to cloak.