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The Conjurer is a cloaked construction bot from the Cloakbot Factory.

Conjurer (cloakcon)
Cloaked Construction Bot, Builds at 5 m/s
Cost 120
Hit Points 450
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 57
Turn Rate (deg/s) 363
Vision Radius (elmo) 375
Transportable Light
Build Power 5

Personal Cloak
Decloak radius (elmo) 75

Provides Intel
Radar jam (elmo) 256


The Conjurer packs a short-ranged jammer and a cloaking device for stealthy expansion and base maintenance.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

The Conjurer is cloaked except while building, and also has a small jamming field, making it difficult to find. However, a Conjurer which is found by the enemy has no other defence (besides constructing a turret, which is likely to be too slow). Make sure that your Conjurers are hiding if enemy units are close.

Conjurers can be used to cheaply identify and spot enemy units while remaining cloaked, much to the benefit of your precision artillery units like Phantoms, Lances, and Impalers.