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The Venom is a lightning riot spider from the Spider Factory.

Venom (spideremp)
Lightning Riot Spider
Cost 200
Hit Points 750
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 84
Turn Rate (deg/s) 316
Vision Radius (elmo) 440
Transportable Light
Damage 40
EMP Damage 450
Reload Time (s) 1.50
Damage per Second 27 + 300
Stun Time (s) 3
Range (elmo) 240
Area of Effect (elmo) 64
Instantly hits


The Venom is an all-terrain unit designed to paralyze enemies so other units can easily destroy them. It moves particularly fast for a riot unit and in addition to the paralysis from its EMP weapon it does a small amount of damage. Works well in tandem with the Recluse to keep enemies from closing range with the fragile skirmisher.

Strategy and Tactics[edit]

The Venom's stun is very powerful, and can keep units stunlocked very effectively, which makes it a powerful addition to any spiderball. Because of the stun, a few Venoms can leave many enemy units defenseless against any attacks. Hard-hitting assaults like the Hermit or skirmishers like the Recluse, which fire projectiles that move too slowly to reliably hit agile enemies, can benefit greatly from the Venom's ability to stunlock enemies.

Aim for clusters of enemies, as the small splash radius can be exploited better, stunning many enemy units. Ensure that you don't stun your own Venoms.

The Venom is fast enough to close range on skirmishers.

Given enough time, a vemon can stunlock any unit under 6,000 hp.