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The Funnelweb is a drone/shield support strider from the Strider Hub.

Funnelweb (striderfunnelweb)
Drone/Shield Support Strider
Cost 4500
Hit Points 11000
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 45
Turn Rate (deg/s) 40
Vision Radius (elmo) 650
Transportable Heavy
Spawns Drones
Unit Firefly
Max drones 6
Range 800
Spawn interval 15
Spawn size 2
Build time 6
Drone building capacity 1

Spawns Drones
Unit Viper
Max drones 2
Range 800
Spawn interval 25
Spawn size 1
Build time 9
Drone building capacity 1

Energy Shield
Strength (HP) 3600
Regen (HP/s) 50
Regen cost (E/s) 12
Radius (elmo) 350


The slow all-terrain Funnelweb features an area shield and a powerful drone complement.

Tactics and Strategy

The Funnelweb's (and Reef's) drones can travel a fairly long distance away from the Funnelweb, so it can be used in a similar role as a Skirmisher (as opposed to the Dante and Scorpion, which are like riot units compared to the Funnelweb). Moreover, when you've built up enough drones (each Funnelweb can have up to 6 Firefly companion drones, and up to 2 Viper battle drones, which have a combined dps of 440 + 400 slow damage), they can easily overwhelm enemies through sheer numbers (especially when you have many Funnelwebs). However, anti-swarm units and structures, including anti-air weapons, can and will give the Funnelweb's drones problems (in which case, if you're noticing that your Funnelwebs are not breaking through the enemy's defenses in a reasonable amount of time, then it might be time to send them back to recover).

- Still, even when the Funnelweb's (and Reef's) drones are being shot down, at least they can distract the enemy from your other units, including other, more dangerous striders like the Dante. Besides, the drones are totally expendable, while the Funnelweb is sitting at a safe distance away.

- Amusingly enough, since anti-air units will target the Funnelweb's drones, a single Funnelweb can cause an enemy's Artemis to waste its supply of insanely-powerful anti-air missiles on constantly-respawning drones, potentially allowing allied aircraft to take advantage of the situation.

Like the Aspis, the Funnelweb's protective bubble shield can not only give it an additional layer of protection (that regenerates faster than the Funnelweb's basic auto-repair system), but it can even be used to protect nearby units from harm, including Catapults, Dantes, Scorpions, Paladins, and even other Funnelwebs, and can share shield energy with other shielded units (similarly to how Thugs, Felons, Convicts, and Aspis can share their shield energy with eachother). Of course, unlike the Aegis, the Funnelweb has alot of health on top of the shield, so it won't go down in a fight that easily.

Overall, unlike assault-oriented striders, like the Dante, Paladin, or Detriment, the Funnelweb is more of a support-oriented strider, whose main purposes are to harass enemies from far away with its drones, and protect other units, including other striders, with its large bubble shield. Unfortunately, a lone Funnelweb isn't likely to get much accomplished in a given period of time. In fact, chances are that you'd be better off picking the more assault-oriented Dante, or the harder-hitting longer-ranged Catapult, as the 1st strider that you'd want to build in a given match (though said striders could still benefit from support from a Funnelweb).