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The Hermit is an all terrain assault bot from the Spider Factory.

All Terrain Assault Bot
Cost 160
Hit Points 1400
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 51
Turn Rate (deg/s) 264
Vision Radius (elmo) 420
Transportable Light
Light Plasma Cannon
Damage 141
Reload Time (s) 2.6
Damage per Second 54
Range (elmo) 350
Area of Effect (elmo) 18
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 280


The Hermit can take an incredible beating, and is useful as a shield for the weaker, more-damaging Recluses.


While single hermits are weak on their own, in groups they are formidible enemies as they are cheap, have lots of health, and can scresn allied skirmishers. The cannon is not suited to hit fast moving units, but against tanks it should reliably hit them. The hermit can be used on it's own, as spamming the hermit will generally make over 10, and can easily crush defenses. The hermit is a powerful defense crusher, as turrets have to take a long time trying to kill just one of the hermits, and as the turrets are still, the hermits will almost always hit and destroy them very quickly. Should avoid Skirmishers and Artillery