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| projectilespeed = 300
| projectilespeed = 300
| special1 = High trajectory
| special1 = High trajectory
| special2 = Water capable
| abilities =  
| abilities =  

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The Lobster is a launcher bot from the Amphbot Factory.

Lobster (amphlaunch)
Amphibious Launcher Bot
Cost 340
Hit Points 840
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 54
Turn Rate (deg/s) 165
Vision Radius (elmo) 500
Sonar (elmo) 500
Transportable Light
Improved Regen
Water Regen (HP/s) 10
At depth (elmo) 40
Unit Launcher
Damage 0
Reload Time (s) 8.5
Range (elmo) 660
Area of Effect (elmo) 112
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 300
High trajectory
Water capable


Lacking armaments of its own, the Lobsters response to threats is to throw other units at the problem. Though originally intended for rapid coastline deployement, the Lobster has a variety of uses and can even offensively throw enemies units.

Tactics and Strategy

Are your Scallops unable to close the distance towards the enemy's skirmishers? Try using Lobsters to lob the Scallops at the enemy skirmishers.