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The Phantom is a cloaked skirmish/anti-heavy artillery bot from the Cloakbot Factory.

Cloaked Skirmish/Anti-Heavy Artillery Bot
Cost 750
Hit Points 560
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 44
Turn Rate (deg/s) 363
Vision Radius (elmo) 400
Transportable Light
Personal Cloak
Upkeep (mobile) (E/s) 5
Upkeep (idle) (E/s) 1
Decloak radius (elmo) 155

Can ignore unidentified targets
Pulsed Particle Projector
Damage 1500
Reload Time (s) 17
Damage per Second 88
Range (elmo) 700
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 850


The Phantom's energy rifle inflicts heavy damage to a single target. It can fire while cloaked; however its visible round betrays its position. It requires quite a bit of energy to keep cloaked, especially when moving. The best way to locate a Phantom is by sweeping the area with many cheap units.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

The Phantom has low damage-per-second compared to its cost, but since it remains cloaked even while firing it can deliver its damage very safely. Try to kill enemies with a single attack (from more than one Phantom, if necessary) to deny your opponent the opportunity to repair their unit. The enemy can still decloak and kill your Phantom by bringing a unit nearby, so make sure you have forces ready to protect your Phantoms' retreat if necessary.