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The Scorpion is a cloaked infiltration strider from the Strider Hub.

Scorpion (striderscorpion)
Cloaked Infiltration Strider
Cost 3000
Hit Points 12000
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 39
Turn Rate (deg/s) 66
Vision Radius (elmo) 517
Transportable Heavy
Personal Cloak
Upkeep (mobile) (E/s) 10
Upkeep (idle) (E/s) 2
Decloak radius (elmo) 150
Lightning Gun
Damage 360
EMP Damage 1080
Reload Time (s) 2
Damage per Second 180 + 540
Stun Time (s) 3
Range (elmo) 490
Inaccuracy (deg) 1.40
Instantly hits

Damage 0
EMP Damage 1001 × 20
Reload Time (s) 30
Damage per Second 0 + 667
Stun Time (s) 3
Range (elmo) 490
Area of Effect (elmo) 80
Inaccuracy (deg) 4.1
Instantly hits

Auto Particle Beam × 2
Damage 70
Reload Time (s) 0.33
Damage per Second 210
Range (elmo) 420
Instantly hits


The Scorpion paralyzes enemies with its lightning sting and then chews them up with its particle beam claws. Its tough carapace shrugs off most enemy fire, and can also turn the Scorpion transparent.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

With its stealthiness, ability to climb walls, and high close-range firepower, the Scorpion makes an excellent late-game infiltration unit, specially on hilly maps where it is capable of approaching enemy assets from unexpected angles. Use Scorpions to take out artillery/support units behind enemy lines, or economic assets.

While they're quite powerful and their riot-like weapons keep them safe from swarms of light units, they're ultimately expensive, sluggish units with a short range, so ideally you want them to somehow bypass or circle the enemy's main force. If what you want is to punch right through it, there are better Striders for that, such as the Dante or the Paladin.

Note that the Scorpion's multi-stunner special ability is able to paralyze other heavy units that it sneaks up to, including striders of similar weight like Dantes, Funnelwebs, Merlins, and other Scorpions, of which a single Scorpion is sufficient to paralyze. Paladins and White Dragons can be paralyzed with 3 or 4 Scorpions. This makes the Scorpion an effective anti-heavy/anti-strider unit.

However, such tactics could be countered simply by providing your paralyzed striders with escorts that can adequately take on a Scorpion, whether it's another close-ranged strider, or a few anti-heavy units like Lances, Phantoms, or Widows.