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The Wurm is a burrowing flamer (assault/riot) chicken.

Wurm (chickenwurm)
Burrowing Flamer (Assault/Riot)
Cost 350
Hit Points 1500
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 54
Turn Rate (deg/s) 133
Vision Radius (elmo) 384
Transportable Light
Improved Regen
Idle Regen (HP/s) 10
Time to enable (s) 20.0

Invisible to radar
Immunity to afterburn
Napalm Blob
Damage 50
Reload Time (s) 6
Damage per Second 8.3
Afterburn (s) 6 (15 DPS)
Range (elmo) 300
Area of Effect (elmo) 64
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 200
Inaccuracy (deg) 2.0
Ground Burn DPS 30
Ground Burn radius (elmo) 128
Ground Burn duration (s) 20


The Wurm "burrows" under the surface of the ground, revealing itself to hurl a ball of fire that immolates a large swathe of terrain. It can climb cliffs and surprise defense turrets, but is weak to assaults.