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The Knight is a lightning assault bot from the Cloakbot Factory.

Lightning Assault Bot
Cost 350
Hit Points 2400
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 51
Turn Rate (deg/s) 231
Vision Radius (elmo) 325
Transportable Light
Lightning Gun
Damage 240
EMP Damage 600
Reload Time (s) 2.2
Damage per Second 109 + 273
Stun Time (s) 1
Range (elmo) 280
Inaccuracy (deg) 1.80
Instantly hits


Slowly and steadily, groups of Knights can shrug off heavy fire as they make their way towards enemy fortifications, until they can field their short-range lightning cannon, which damages and stuns entrenched foes. Counter with anything that can reliably kite it, making sure that you don't get paralyzed (in which case you are as good as dead.)

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

Even by the standards of assault units, the Knight is slow and ponderous, and has merely decent health for its cost. The redeeming feature of the Knight is its lightning gun, which stuns enemies so they cannot retreat or fire back, reducing the impact of the Knight' shortcomings. It is a reasonable choice for assault tasks and surprisingly strong against high-weight raiders such as the Pyro, which are particularly vulnerable to being stunned due to their low health. Make sure to support it against enemy units which can kill it from long range.