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Light Artillery Bot
Cost 130
Hit Points 350
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 49
Turn Rate (deg/s) 247
Vision Radius (elmo) 660
Transportable Light
Light Plasma Cannon
Damage 150
Reload Time (s) 6
Damage per Second 25
Range (elmo) 840
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 260

The Hammer is a light artillery bot from the Cloaky Bot Factory.


The Hammer has a long range plasma cannon that allows indirect fire over obstacles, and outranges static defenses up to heavy laser towers. Although effective versus mobile units, it should be guarded in order to prevent raiders and other fast units from closing range.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

Hammers are the cheapest artillery in the game. On the one hand, this means you may need lots of them to accomplish the same task as a single Impaler or Penetrator. On the other hand, Hammers are far better suited to combating light static defences like Defenders, against which a Penetrator would be overkill. Building a few Hammers for this task is often a good idea. Since their projectiles are slow and do not have a significant area of effect, Hammers are poor against mobile units except in large-scale engagements. Make sure to protect your Hammmers against raids since they are flimsy and weak at short range combat.