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The Iris is an area cloaker/jammer walker from the Cloakbot Factory.

Area Cloaker/Jammer Walker
Cost 600
Hit Points 600
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 57
Turn Rate (deg/s) 346
Energy (E/s) -1.5
Vision Radius (elmo) 400
Transportable Light
Provides Intel
Radar jam (elmo) 440
Energy cost (E/s) 15

To Cornea
Cost 0
Time (s) 30
Disabled during morph Yes


The Iris has a jamming device to conceal your units' radar returns. It also has a small cloak shield to hide friendly nearby units from enemy sight.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

Having no weapons of its own, the Iris acts as a force multiplier for your other units. Assaults and riots (such as Reaver and Knight) under the cloaking field can close the distance to enemy static defenses (such as Stinger or Picket) without being fired upon until the last moment. Against skirmishers this tactic is even more effective, as it prevents the enemy from kiting your units, nullifying the skirmishers' range advantage.

Note that the Iris itself is very fragile, and if it is killed you may find your units in dangerous positions outside the safety of your lines.

In addition to its traditional role, the Iris can also be used to deliver bombs (such ash Imp and Snitch) to the heart of enemy unit clusters. When used correctly, this can be a very efficient counter to shield balls.