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Weird utility change for Weaver:

* 1200 radar range
* 120 -> 220 build range
* 750 -> 820 Health
* 295 -> 380 sight range

Added overkill prevention for Sharpshooter, Snake, Serpent and Duck missiles. Duck torpedoes are bad at hitting things and can fire right into the ground. Missiles are a bit better but Glaives can dodge them.

The LOS emit height of tall units now makes sense. Previously all units saw from the same height above the ground. This lead to annoyances such as turrets which are unable to see what they should be able to shoot at. The units are:Annihilator, Bantha, Bertha, Chainsaw, Crusader, Dante, Defender, Detriment, DDM, DRP, Enforcer, Felon, Penetrator, Placeholder, Sharpshooter, Shredder, Stinger, Sumo, Typhoon, Wind Generator, Zeus. Previously all LOS emit heights were at an equal distance from the ground.


Added a system for constructing a structure on a terraformed platform. Hold Alt when selecting a structure from the build menu to activate it. Place the blueprint to select the height of the terraformed rectangle. The structure will be queued after the terraform provided that the initial build location is legal.

Minor things:

* Removed "Wind Range: 0 - 2.5. Max Windmill altitude bonus is: 33%" at game start because Wind Range will always be 0 - 2.5 and nobody knows what "altitude bonus" means.
* Removed "Terraform cost multipler" at game start because it is almost always 0.
* Jump UI shows a red line when mousing over illegal jump locations.
* Disabled structure terraform in pregame placement.


* Lobby -> Game mute does not mute people who are currently playing.
* Reverted a Delux Player List change.
* Fixed overkill prevention knowing the type of an unidetified radar dot.
* Units which should not be able to be taken with /take are no longer takeable (allied AIs).
* Terraform texture is disabled cleanly for graphics cards which cannot even do the most basic operations.
* Fixed docking settings for Delux Player List.
* Fixed Weaver nanospray emit location.
* Fix to spectator mute detecting startboxes as real teams.
* Improved consistence of the terraform UI (order canceling mid way through etc).