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  • Rackteer reload time 5s → 6s
  • Removed Commander plasma artillery weapon.
  • Fixes to COFC and zooming to points around the map.
  • Added an option to disable Ping and CPU display on Deluxe Player List.
  • Added an option to show decloak ranges of units. Configure through Settings/Interface/Decloak Ranges.
  • Unit shader fixes.
  • Fixed Wasp hitvolume (dev engine).
  • Applied turning around constructor fix to Athena.
  • Fixed backwards rotation of jumpjets and aircraft landing on an airpad (dev engine).
  • Restored marker placement hotkey for German keyboards (dev engine).
  • Fixed Cloak State hotkey and tooltip.
  • Changed the default screenshot hotkey back to png (dev engine).
  • Added an option to make clicking on construction tabs activate their hotkeys.
  • Restored Missiles homing onto radar dots (dev engine).
  • Fixed Zenith. It was dropping asteroid wrecks from the sky while firing.
  • Restored usual cratering by multiplying craters by 0.3 (dev engine).
  • Energy and metal income graphs now include reclaim
  • Zenith now obeys fire stats. Defaults to Hold Fire for new players. Defaults to Fire At Will for current players.
  • Simplified Caretaker Automation settings. They now go back to automatic assist after they are given an explicit order. Stop can be used to halt this behaviour.
  • Terraform cost tooltip now shows its estimated cost.
  • Fixed a Build ETA bug which can appear while spectating and using /specfullview.
  • Fixed Nuke targeting display.
  • Added a new Skydust UI. Press B to toggle height mode. C and V change height (much like Z and X change spacing in normal mode). The height selected in height mode is persistent per-unit type. Height does not work with line build.
  • Reduced Radar emit heights to a more realistic level. They were effectively increased due to LOS changes (dev engine).
  • Made homing missiles home onto nanoframes correctly (dev engine).
  • Fixed Raven shield dive error (dev engine).
  • Fixed income graph displays. No longer include shared metal.
  • Ferry and Set Retreat Zone now appear as a minimap button. Not on the command menu.
  • Added the ability to override map sun and fog settings.
  • Fixed some maps being too bright.
  • Added options for non-US keyboard layouts for the grid construction hotkeys.

Newton launcher widget:

  • Increased accuracy of impact location with interpolation between the impact step and previous step.
  • Applied impact prediction to all units launched by Newtons. Not just those affected by firezones.
  • Added transport drop location prediction.
  • Added menu options for controlling when either type of prediction is displayed.