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The past week has seen nerfs to Warriors, drops, Warrior drops and now drops in general. Valkyrie may need some buffs to make it better in the midgame but we will solve that problem when we reach it. We also have the weapon shiny gadget by Beherith from BAR (with modifications). Here are the changes.



* DPS 285 -> 265 [tooltip=original was 245][color=orange][?][/color][/tooltip]
* Cost 210 -> 220 m [tooltip=back to original][color=orange][?][/color][/tooltip]
* Regen 40 -> 30 hp/s


* Cost 80 -> 100 m
* Altitude 80 -> 140 elmo

Valkyrie and Vindicator speeds are now more affected by the mass of the unit they are transporting[tooltip=Speed mult = min(1, mult * mass/(mass + cargoMass)). The change is that mult is now 2 down from 3.][color=orange][?][/color][/tooltip].

* Relatively heavy units are transported at 66% the speed that they used to be transported.
* Lighter units are slower to transport than they used to be. In particular Warrior causes Valkyrie to slow to 75% speed where previously Valkyrie was not slowed at all.
* Very light units are unaffected. This is relative to their transporter. For example Warrior still does not cause any slowdown for Vindicator because Vindicator is a beast.

Fixed overkill prevention for long ranged missile units.


Weapon fire is now shiny[tooltip=only enabled on second run of Spring][color=orange][?][/color][/tooltip]. Better shader code and more shiny things will follow. If knows how to write shaders their help would be very welcome. The shiny is enabled for everyone because we would like to test a range of hardware to see whether it causes errors or too much performance loss.


* Fixed endgame graph jaggedness, added some parameters.
* Fixed debris of killed nanoframes not showing the owner.
* Fixed Spectator Panels causing a LuaUI crash.
* Fixed the resign message not showing if the player was the last on his team [tooltip=affects FFA][color=orange][?][/color][/tooltip]
* Fixed team names when two teams being filled with members of the same clan.
* Fixed Commanders showing range circles for unequipped weapons.
* Fixed idle constructors not showing as idle in the Quick Selection Bar after move commands.
* Fixed Context Menu not showing Commander regeneration.
* Fixed Commander wreckage using old names.
* Fixed tooltips showing wrong Commander buildpower.