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Warrior is primed to explode back onto the scene with a number of buffs aimed to bring it back into the meta. These changes were tested before release but that does not stop them from being ridiculous. The purpose is not so much to balance Warrior, it is to see how powerful it can feel before it becomes too powerful. It has been overshadowed by Zeus for so long that it may as well have fallen off the roster. Angler and Hacksaw received more reserved buffs with a similar aim in mind.

In other news, Spring 101.0 is nearing release. This stable contains many compatibility changes with the new engine so, if there are no big dramas, we may move to that engine shortly.



* Cost 220 → 200 m
* Range 270 → 280 elmo
* DPS 245 → 285
* Aim speed 400 → 800 °/s
* Sight 330 → 345 elmo
* Added idle regeneration. 40/s after 5s.


* Cost 200 → 180
* Range 600 → 750


* Damage 1050 → 1200 (now 1-shots Rapier and Vindicator and 2-shots Wyvern)

Lightning guns more accurate:

* Commander LG: 2° → 1°
* Bantha: 2° → 1.6°
* Zeus: 2.4° → 1.8°
* Scorpion: 1.8° → 1.4°


* Starting resources back to 400 (accidentally became 500 last update).
* Idle and combat regeneration obeys slow and disarm.
* Puppy can now eat module shards.
* Level 0 Commanders no longer transportable by Valkyrie.
* Fixed level 2 Guardian and Engineer commanders lacking +5 innate regeneration.


* Regeneration is shown on the tooltip healthbar. For units with quick regen, also the timer.
* Post-game stats graph now shows reclaim and no longer shows useless stats.
* Quick Selection Bar (aka Core Selector) and Economy Panel (ie. the resource bars) now have a toggle to hide when spectating.

Other Fixes[edit]

* Added startbox configs to some maps. [tooltip=Altored Arctic; Claymore v2; Deserted Third v4; Fetid Marsh - v05; Quicksilver 1.1][color=orange][?][/color][/tooltip]
* Commanders are now worth exactly as much XP as they cost.
* Child units (drones, Wolverine mines) contribute to parent XP.
* Fixed module wrecks being indestructible.
* Fixed start position markers on boxless maps not showing the player name.
* Misc GFX rendering fixes.