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Rabbit Hole of Balance[edit]

Forum thread Zero-K v1.6.3.2 - Rabbit Hole of Balance

The smooth aiming update from early February is paying dividends in balance disruption. Units with high turn rate (ie Reaver) and high fire rate (ie Reaver) gained the ability to jink while constantly firing at their target, effectively increasing their DPS. We're working to address this, as well as to make Tank and Jumpbot back into real factories.


Units can now be force fired at trees, rocks and wrecks to clear paths and deny reclaim.


  • Auto regen +30 → +20
  • DPS reduced by 7.2%


  • Auto regen +10 → +15
  • Burn time lots → 5s.
  • Damage 120 → 150.
  • Ground fire DPS increased by 25%.


  • Removed unique EMP explosion as it is often detrimental.
  • Normal damge 170 → 200
  • Reload time 2.6 → 2.7 (old value was 3)


  • Health 1650 → 1850


  • Increased burn chance from 10% to 40%.

For the mathematically disinclined this corresponds to a 95% chance to set units on fire after a second of continuous fire. Previously the burn chance after a second was 47%.

Made puppies not terrible:

  • Removed goo inefficiency (goo cost 75m → 50m).


  • Health 9000 → 8400


  • Now hits, even if it misses (like Ripper).


  • Increased Flamethrower burn chance to 40%.


  • Build power module nerfed from 5bp to 4bp.
  • Increased Flamethrower burn chance to 40%.
  • Engineer commander now aims prior to firing, resulting in a slightly longer effective unpack time.


  • Reload time 2.4 → 2.6 (pre-buff was 2.8)

Personal shields now start at 100% charge. This affects some shieldbots and commanders.

Unit AI:

  • Fencer now uses its limited AI to keep away from Ogre (default off).
  • Units no longer try to jink around Kodachi.
  • Kodachi tries to keep at maximum range against more types of unit.


  • Added 'Edit Behaviour' to space+click menu opens the initial unit states menu entry for the unit.


  • Fixed random startboxes.
  • Fixed Welder firing jerkyness.
  • Fixed enemy cloak visual error.
  • Fixed projectile lights stacking issue.
  • Fixed pause button issue.
  • Fixed rare Raven issue that could cause it to be stuck low.
  • Fixed Cutter Debris size.