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* Cost 120 -> 100 (was 80 previously)

New unit: Limpet, an Amphibious Bomb. Unlike other bombs this unit does not cloak (in any case, cloak is disabled underwater). It has higher health and a large range to compensate.

* Cost: 180
* Health: 400
* Speed: 117 e/s
* Damage: 150 normal, 1500 slow. Maximum slow persists for up to 5 seconds.
* Damage radius: 250


* Cost: 3500 -> 3000

Reef's tacnuke replaced with disarm missile:

* Cost 600 -> 150
* Stockpile time 60 -> 30
* Damage: 15000 disarm for a maximum of 10 seconds
* Range: 3000
* Damage radius: 140


* Health: 3000 -> 2500
* Reload time: 4 -> 5 (Effective DPS 150 -> 120)
* Weapon velocity: 400 -> 350
* Turret traverse rate 150 -> 50


* Sonic gun range: 380 -> 340


* Cost: 3800 -> 4000


* Maximum slow persists for up to 2 seconds.


* Health 1350 -> 1650
* Projectile is planted for two seconds before moving (in sea) or exploding (on land).

SLAM rocket:

* Cost 200 -> 150m

Gauss turret:

* No longer overshoots.
* Reduced projectile speed by 45%.

Zombies are no longer immune to slow damage. The 50% zombie slowdown is applied independently so now slow damage against zombies can cause them to move at 25% the speed of a normal unit.


* Claymore tactical AI now runs away whenever it fires.
* Fixed a bug which prevented Reef and Bantha from moving close enough to their target.
* Units moving in groups now clump less at their destination.
* Overkill prevention now takes shields into account.
* High damage weapons now prioritize healthier units over unhealthy units when both would be killed in a single shot.



* Limpet, Roach, Flea and Tick now leave tracks.
* F4 eco view: enemy mexes marked.
* F4 eco view: use colour of owner instead of hardcoded teal.
* Added more quality settings to LUPS.
* Added a menu toggle which controls whether dropped/lagging players units flash.
* Start position ranks now use the shiny ranks.
* Mace weapon now has sparks.


* Skydust UI can now be used to flatten and build on otherwise unbuildable terrain.
* Added 'D' as a hotkey to cancel blocks of terraform.
* Fixed the occasional long delay when building on a terraformed platform.

Stat graphs:

* Graphs now only go up to game over.
* Simplified the graph window when the game is ongoing.
* Added a toggle to show stat graphs to the global commands bar.

Other changes:

* Hotkeys now available in simple menu mode.
* Constructors no longer inherit factory priority.
* Added a rate limit for incoming chat and ping noises.
* Dragging orders in the factory build queue no longer removes the Alt modifier.
* Radio buttons look more like radio buttons.
* Added a chicken panel toggle to the global command bar.
* Improved trainer commander selection UI and options.


* Fix inheriting land/fly state.
* Fix missing endgame window
* Setting a hotkey no longer causes the window to replace itself.
* Fixed Racketeer getting stuck shooting at disarmed targets.
* Reduced graphs performance usage, especially when not enabled.
* Wreckage fixes, some units would leave full wreck when supposed to leave debris.
* Fixed move-repeat interaction.
* Fixed a delay caused when giving a move order to a jumping unit.
* Fixed units doing a Circle Guard getting confused and breaking the formation.
* Fixed ballistic scatter prediction position in the attack AoE display widget.
* Fixed menu search.
* Pause no longer delays the end of the game.
* Fixed unit XP display and it is no longer gathered on damage dealt outside LOS.
* Fixes for zooming the camera to a startbox.
* Fixed missing fighter jets.
* Fixed "Wait or Win" placement.
* Fixed mex placement with command insert.