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The greatest recent advance has been the permanent adoption of the latest engine version. Nothing is "official" but with week of successful use it does not look like we are going back.

Here is a list of some of the readily visible things that the engine does:

* Desyncs seem to be much rarer and if they do occur the engine devs will care.
* Gunships can crash when they die. Just like planes.
* Pathfinding updates much faster. Earlier units would take a while to notice that a ramp exists and use it in their pathfinding.
* Units don't get stuck on terrain. In situations where they previously got stuck they now slide off.
* The line of sight view looks a lot nicer.
* Units can be prevented from occasionally firing sideways. It has been applied to Big Bertha, HLT, Grizzly, Penetrator, Annihilator and Starlight.
* Units can be told to ignore the terrain while firing. This is useful when they either have a massive spread or enough deformation to knock down any wall.
* Everything costs exactly how much it says it does. In 91.0 the costs were off by 16/15.
* Units are 'forgotten' by enemies much more rapidly when they cloak. In 91.0 a Scythe would be targeted by a Raven or Swift for so long that it looked like the plane was cheating. Now units forget after a few seconds.
* With bombers, queuing anything after an attack ground order does not destroy the attack ground order.
* Heatrays now do their correct distance-reduced damage against shields (previously they always did full damage).
* Transports no longer randomly de-exist their cargo if they die over blocking terrain.

There are many things behind the scenes in the update that make it easier to develop and could lead to more features. For example save games are now possible.


Not much has been happening in balance recently. The recent tournament went well in terms of unit diversity and the games looked very good. Vehicles were a bit dominant but Veh/Tank/Hover have a history of moving around a very fine balance point.

* Raven change from 10 days ago: Dives is slightly steeper but costs a lot of speed.
* Applied overkill prevention to Slasher.
* Doomsday Machine can now shoot at planes.
* Hacksaw missile turnrate increased slightly.

Defender buff:

* Damage 103.1 -> 104

The recent damage rounding changes resulted in Defender dealing slightly too little damage.

Brawler and Warrior gained 5.5% and 9% extra DPS that was taken from them in the transition between engines.


Now that most people can run the latest engine some possibly problematic features can be re-enabled. Explosion shockwave distortions are now back after a few month of absence. Also:

* Fixed many particle effects (shimmers, plane jets) being invisible for spectators and some players.
* Improved flaming units particle usage.
* Improved Catapult missile effects.


Here are some recent changes to the interface:

* The minimap has the option to fade on zoomout.
* Camera shake is configurable.
* Metal spots are displayed as white when unclaimed and have the option to show teamcolour.
* Better support for translations (the new engine supports utf8).
* Structure terraform can be activated by holding left mouse button and not moving the cursor for a second while placing a structure (the not moving time is configurable).
* Structures with absolutely no reason to have the Wait command no longer have the Wait command.


* Fixed Reef drifting.
* Fixed Geothermal being difficult to target.
* Fixed Tidal Generator hitvolume.
* Fixed set target stipple weirdness.