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* Meteor Nudger -> Meteor Controller.

Now that Zenith is no longer boring it will be worthwhile putting the effort in to make all three superweapons approximately balanced.

Circle Guard[edit]

The circle guard command causes units to circle defensively around their target. To issue one, select the guard command then left click on the target unit and drag a circle. Hold Alt to make the units defend a direction instead of circling. There are other modifiers which will be shown off in a video in the near future.


* Terraform cost tooltip updates without reselecting the unit.
* Improved the clarity of grid tooltips.
* Unbound FPS mode (Alt+V).
* Added key and mouse state display widget. Intended for tutorial videos.
* Area Guard commands which includes teleport beacons will not give guard commands to units. Instead it will tell the units to teleport, split between the beacons in the area.
* Teleport beacons can be placed with custom formations.


* Removed TargetMoveError from Commander Lightning, this was the last case.
* Annihilator etc.. no longer have a low power icon while under construction.
* Fixed lagmoniter setting share levels incorrectly.
* Fixed chat backlog spacing bug when the panel is first opened.
* Fixed waited constructors thinking that they are constructing.
* Fixed edge case in spectator panel.
* NullAI is now treated like a real person.