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The main change this version is the new UI skin. It started as an experiment with menu skinning and turned into a reskin of the menu and the game. We've now got a much slicker and consistent skin. I expect a bit of refinement in the future.


Tremor has needed a change for years and with the recent discussion I decided to do something.

* Increased smoothing significantly.
* Increased edge effectiveness to 0.5. Previously it basically needed a direct hit to do any significant damage.
* Increased damage 135 -> 145.

Cloak now blocks detection by sonar. This removes the unintuative behavior in which shallow water could be used to detect cloaked units. Remember that fully submerged units cannot cloak so there is no need to worry about completely invisible underwater invaders.


* Structures placed on in-progress terraform now interact with the terraform correctly.
* Fixed some smoke positions and units that failed to smoke while damaged.
* Made spectator mode switchable with the single button/hotkey. Improved some options menu structure.
* Fixed Jumpjet Factory collision volume and pathing.

Lobby (and Server)[edit]

Much work has been done on the lobby and server, apart from skinning.


Matchmaker now has party support. Queue with friends to play as a team, as is standard with many games. Parties also override your clan membership for the purpose of balancing custom games so you are more likely to be on a team with members of your party.


* The minimap name is now a clickable link to its page.
* Map votes show a little clickable minimap near the vote buttons.
* Links can now automatically log users onto the site.
* Fixed URL click detection.


* Added a scrollbar to chat channels (for users who open too many channels).
* Fixed Join Queue state bug.
* Further reduced idle CPU usage.
* Fixed redraw rate for fading screens.