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Planetwars is all set to start on Friday at 17:00 UTC. This new round introduces three factions and some tweaks to design and balance since last round. Structures do more ingame and metagame balance has received some tweaking. The aim is to support a prolonged, multi-front, war with wrestling over victory points generated by artifacts.

Main Planetwars Changes[edit]

* Artifacts victory works on victor point production. Capture and power artifacts to accrue points.
* Each faction has a well defended homeworld. Capturing an enemy homeworld is an alternate path to victory.
* Battles near your homeworld produce slightly more battle. If you fight disconnected from your homeworld the battles will produce much less metal.
* Warp Core Fabricators is replaced with single use Warp Gate structure.
* Structures have more ingame effects: factories produce a few units, defense structures spawn drones, energy generators produce a little energy.
* Structures can be evacuated if you have a functional wormhole. Losing a defense no longer means all your structures will be disabled.
* Structures now have death clones which can be reclaimed for a reasonable amount of metal.


* Sniper shot finder widget no longer works. A good visualization design for Snipers is pending.
* Added a proper icon for the overkill prevention unit state.
* Fixed some tab playerlist glitches.
* Added option to not show FacPanel selected factory build panel.
* Added Blastwing as an exception to the cloak firestate widget.
* Attrition counter is no longer minimizable (removes the ugly minimization bar).
* Added game-wide colour blindness correction shaders, configurable through 'Settings/Graphics/Accessibility/Color Blindness Correction'.
* Added multiple team colour selection settings to a dropdown menu on the bar in the top left.
* Standard embark command now works for Jump, Guard, Reclaim, Repair, Resurrect and Construction.
* Embark command now works automatically for constructors. Constructors with auto-transport are now automatically transported between their tasks. Good for taking mexes over a large area.
* Selection window groups unit types together when in unstacked mode.


* Blocked attack commands near Defender, LLT and HLT maximum range to prevent most cases of manual attack ground overshoot.
* Hawks reduce their engine thrust when slowed.
* Fixed construction priority issue with calculating energy used for overdrive when low on energy.
* Fixed a chicken spawn error.
* Scorpion death clone blocks unit movement.
* Redudant unitdef tag cleanup.
* Fixed Barren mex config.
* Fixed Rogue failing to skirmish Scalpel.
* Death clone -> Debris should now be consistent for all units. Some units had two levels of death clone for legacy reasons.