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Jumpers can now jump onto wreckage, map features and structures. The Jumper will slam into the structure, possibility sustaining damage, and slide down the outside onto the ground. Use at your own risk because your units could slid somewhere inaccessible. On the upside they can just jump out if they are stuck. The jump UI colours have been shuffled around slightly to indicate when a jump command will hit a structure.

The purpose of this change is to fix two annoying limitations. Skuttles should be able to jump onto spire turret and it makes sense to sacrifice one Jack to kill a buried Singularity Reactor. Both of these things are now possible.


Antinukes have been improved with consistent behaviour as well as UI improvements to tell you exactly when your nuke will be intercepted. The switch to this engine version caused antinukes to make a poor attempt at stopping nukes which pass through their coverage. This behaviour is now fixed, antinukes make a very competent attempt to stop nukes passing through their coverage.

The important balance change here is that antinukes block every nuke which will pass over their coverage, not just nukes which will impact within their coverage.


  • Widgets will be able to use the UnitStunned callin after the next engine update.
  • Changed to cost icon to make it clearer that costs are in metal and energy.
  • Added Stop command to pregame queue. Press the Stop button or hotkey to cancel you queue.
  • Fixed Placeholder collision volume (it was too small).
  • Ally selections with selection shapes are now hidden when the UI is hidden (F5)
  • Increased air repair pad death clone size to match the living unit.


  • Fixed UI crash caused by starting a game after viewing a replay with replay progress hidden.
  • Fixed Banisher animation using the opposite barrel and being able to restore its turret when stunned.
  • Fixed the case where if the 2 best players on a team were AFK, their units would bounce between them instead of going to the 3rd player.
  • Fixed lag/AFK timer being longer than intended (35 → 30).
  • Fixed resigned players' resources not being shared away if they got any afterwards (due to the above or excess).
  • Fixed resigned players receiving metal from mexes if they resigned when having 0 units.
  • Fixed factory order queues missing Attack order.
  • Fixed the remaining cursors which failed to draw on some hardware (Patrol, Wait and DGun).
  • Fixed tacnukes not counting to stats.
  • Fixed outdated Scallop description and helptext.
  • Fixed a CAI2 load error.
  • Fixed Ctrl+C behaviour with commanders from resigned players.
  • Removed the ability to give illegal jump commands using command insert.