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This month we mostly have fixes and interface improvements. The engine itself has also received a lot of work and is looking quite stable. Notably, unit movement was improved within the engine so now units move in straight lines over short distances with all commands.


  • Crabe can now shoot at gunships.
  • Added overkill prevention for Recluse, against statics, that assumes at least one missile will hit.
  • Commander Dgun can now be shot underwater.


  • Tweaked projectile parameters so that it no longer bounces around crazily for 15 seconds when it misses.
  • Doubled the hold time for Claymore on land (2s → 4s).
  • Added overkill prevention.

AI and Chickens[edit]

  • AI-only teams now resign when they have no factories or constructors.
  • Tweaked early chicken difficulties.


  • Improved and enabled the decloak ranges widget. The decloak range of selected cloaked units are drawn as merged circles. Units that want to cloak have their decloak range drawn in red.
  • Improved the Ramp command. Now one end of the ramp can be selected by clicking at the first location and holding on the second location. Also improved terraform tooltips.
  • Area commands can now be dragged off the edge of the map (this is an engine change).
  • Improved Area Resurrect behaviour. It now abandons wrecks which are being reclaimed and does not touch partially reclaimed wrecks by default. Hold Ctrl to resurrect partially reclaimed wrecks.
  • Added more volume sliders.
  • Added detonate button for Dirtbag.
  • Area mex now works with command insert (Space).
  • Changed the Infiltrator icon.
  • The global command bar can now be hidden.
  • Changed the retreat icon on the global command bar.


  • Berthas can no longer get their muzzles stuck in other units.
  • Fixed a move command bug.
  • Fixed some variable UI overlap.
  • Fixed shield capture error.
  • Fixed stuck detection for move commands.