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Some units have had their health updated to take the daamge change into account. Most were not changed. Here are some examples:

  • Hammer 2 shots Defenders.
  • Sharpshooter 1 shots Stardust.
  • Raven 3 shots Zeus.


  • Removed self impulse on land because it could cause movement problems.
  • Health 800 → 820


  • Health 800 → 820

Recon Level 0 and 1:

  • Health 1600 → 1650

Sonar Station:

  • Health 800 → 750


  • Doubled turret turn rate.
  • LOS range 374 → 400


  • LOS range 660 → 366

Dante salvo is now wobblier because wobbly salvos are cool. It should consistently hit around the targeted area but do not use it if you are trying to hit a single target at long range.


  • Removed broken degrees sign from detailed unit information.
  • Added elmo as distance unit for unit information until a better unit is found.
  • Fixed a case where many resource bars could appear. The new resource bar has been enabled by default for everyone and the other two have been disabled.


  • New Singularity explosion is no longer invisible underwater.
  • Halberd is no longer armoured while under construction.
  • Wolverine mines no longer spawn if they hit a shield.