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This release marks the beginning of open testing for the Zero-K campaign. Every Sunday we will polish and release a new set of missions for fun and testing. The current release contains five early missions and can be found through Singleplayer -> Campaign. To keep things organized please post specific campaign feedback here.

For sanity reasons, polishing the campaign relied on drawing the ongoing rename effort to a close. After an arduous process we finally pushed a list of names which a reasonable number of people are not entirely unhappy with. Will the boost to originality outweigh the period of confusion? Time will tell. More details can be trawled through here.

Campaign Week 2 - Advanced Cloaky[edit]

For this week of campaign missions we are rounding out the Cloaky Factory. These missions continue to teach unit roles and also show off some of the infiltration capabilities available to the factory. They are a bit tougher than the previous missions, especially on Brutal. In a related note: the Brutal Enemy AI has received a general update.

Post feedback here.


Download woes have been addressed with a priority system for download queue. Urgent downloads (such as the map for the battle your are in) are pushed to the start of the queue. Less urgent downloads (such as matchmaker updates) are completed when there is nothing else going on.


* Fixed Compatibility settings for ATI card users. The compatibility setting to fix map textures is now included in "ATI/Intel Compatibility". Switch to this setting to recover most of the graphics quality lost by enabling the more general compatibility mode.
* Updated featured minimap set. This should make many minimaps now visible.
* Removed the occasional flicker on startup.
* Fixed flicker which could occur with weaker graphics cards. "Full speed draw updates" should no longer be required.


* Increased Angler size to prevent teamkill from its horizontally displaced weapons.
* Added a modoption to Zombies which causes partially reclaimed wrecks to come back as damaged units.


* Jump custom formations are now jump coloured.
* Single player games no longer show the playerlist or "waiting for players" start text.
* Replaced the retreat state toggle icon for the sake of consistency.
* Fixed geospots not appearing in economy view on some maps.
* Gunships can now use Airpads are retreat zones.
* Added a UI for cheat mode.
* Added a Push/Pull state for units with gravity guns.
* Some factories floor textures.


* Pathfinding fixes (engine fix).
* Fixed the Strider Hub nanoframe placement bug (engine fix, once the new engine is set).
* Fixed orders being dropped by commanders when they morph.
* Fixed non-plopped factories not flattening ground sufficiently (plopped factories already flattened sufficiently).
* Replaced the the Force Junior modoption with of Commander Morph Level Limit.
* Optimized burning units and smoke signals effects.
* Fixed various rare widget errors.
* Fixed a terraform-related error.
* Fixed an error with chickens.
* Fixed Wyvern not firing.