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This minor update has been live for some days now. It contains minor unit behaviour changes and follows the previous release with more interface improvements. More importantly, the server infrastructure has been updated.


* Swifts now pull up near the end of their strafing run. This is a buff against low ranged ground units, especially those with AoE weapons.
* Smoothing weapons (Quake, Big Bertha etc..) now have smoother terrain at the edge of their smooth radius. This makes tanks more likely to be able to climb a Quake ramp. In addition, Quake impacts now jiggle units and can cause them to fall off cliffs.


* Double pressing 'L' with a mixed selection of transports and units will cause the transports to load the units. This command is an action which can be rebound through 'Game/Command Hotkeys'.
* Right clicking a geothermal vent with only constructors selected will queue a Geothermal Plant.
* Geothermal vents now have a tooltip.
* Added a toggle to make cloaked units (exept Gremlin and Spectre) automatically hold fire when cloaked. [tooltip=F10/Game/Unit Behaviour, defaults to off][color=orange][?][/color][/tooltip]
* Endgame graphs now have a toggle between individual players and entire teams.
* Commander initial unit state now works for priority.


* Fixed a selection shapes crash.
* Fixed Dagger wreck metal value [tooltip=34 → 32][color=orange][?][/color][/tooltip].
* Fixed potential projectile lights crash for old graphics cards.
* Fixed endgame graphs being able to get obscured by tooltips of stuff behind.
* Fixed Moderator crashing the space+click menu.
* Penetrator now makes wakes on water and Quill makes dust on land.

Site/server stuff[edit]

* [b]All Welcome room disallows bots[/b]
* ladder inactivity no longer counts speccing or games of wrong type
* ladder inactivity timeout: 1 week → 1 month
* serious host uses !cbalance on start (was normal !balance previously)
* serious host only allows featured maps
* ingame → lobby chat relay now supports non-latin alphabets
* !map requires exact match to use non-downloadable map
* kick no longer extended if the target comes back
* Kudos shown in the top bar on the site