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  • Slightly faster while diving (44% → 50% speed). The weird value of 44% was in place to make it slower than Bandit.


  • Range 205 → 210 (was 220 ages ago)
  • Line of Sight 450 → 500. This is almost as much as Kodachi. Hovercrafts felt too hard to scout with.


  • Accuracy doubled(?) (600 → 300, what does that mean?) so it can now reliably hit Stardust.


  • Range 250 → 260

Lightning Accuracy:

  • Zeus is a bit more accurate.
  • Bantha and Scorpion are quite a bit more accurate.

Overkill Prevention

  • No longer has perfect information about identified radar dots. Instead it assumes the worst case scenario. An identified dot is assumed to have full health, no status effect and armour (if it is a unit which can armour).
  • Groups of units with slow projectiles no longer fire all their shots at aircraft in a futile attempt to hit it. Instead a few will fire just in case they get lucky.

Autorepair module:

  • Removed idle time requirement.
  • HP/s 20 → 10
  • Cost 250 → 150


  • Improved attrition counter. Added teamgame support.
  • Added spectator UI panels with a resource bar for each team. Extra panels and hud presets support are still to come.
  • Context menu improvements. One shot weapons do not show DPS.


  • Fixed queued underground solar boxes.
  • Fixed Tidal energy generation.
  • Fixes to economy breakdown in resource panel.
  • Fixed wreck transitions for some factories and Impaler.

Previous Versions[edit]

  • Added Accept Victory by Default panel which appears if the entire enemy team disconnects. Previously they would just explode. Mainly to save 1v1s from connection issues.
  • Fixed energy display on Deluxe Player List.
  • Added win counter increment.
  • Reduced Thunderbird camera shake (a lot).