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* Kodachi - Line of Sight 520 -> 600
* Panther - Health 980 -> 1100

Area Shields:

* Lose all their charge when disabled (disarm, morph, emp, nanoframed).
* Charge rate now obeys slow damage.
* Moved base upkeep to unit cost (+50 cost for Aspis, +45 cost for Aegis).


* Significantly buffed Valkyrie acceleration and brake rate.
* Windgen can be built anywhere.
* Vulture has 700 range radar jamming.
* Raven no longer dives through Detriment.



* Added priority for Radar, Sonar, Jammers, Area Cloakers and Area Shields.
* Priority is high by default for Radar, Sonar, Jammers and Area Cloakers.
* Misc Priority can be set in Initial Unit States.
* Added on/off toggle to shields to toggle charging.


* Only raise/lower is now possible to toggle during rectangle terraform selection.
* Smooth can only raise/lower.


* Fixed air transports becoming stuck near the target when trying to load/unload.
* Transports guarding a factory will assist built units in reaching their desired destination.
* Fixed transport AI not obeying an unticked "transport from factory".
* Transport AI Time benefit threshold is now configurable.


* Right clicking on a Aircraft Plant or Airpad with a Crane now does the normal constructor thing (previously it gave a "land to repair" order, messed up assist).
* Disabled clippy.
* Ctrl+Repair now ignores nanoframes in the area.
* Manualfire orders can be given in a line (Dante salvo etc..)
* Nuke warning no longer pushes other bits of the UI out of its way.


* Gauss turret is properly vertically immobile.
* Area mex queues at correct height.
* Fixed reserve values in extended tooltip.
* Fixed Zenith meteor metal bug.
* Fixed Starlight aiming (it now aims at things perfectly) and range.
* Morphed Capturiees draw their capture line correctly.
* Prevented landships.