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In this version we have Recon Commander nerfs and a bit of UI polish. By popular vote the Nuke Bomber is now Wyvern.

Commander Changes[edit]

The Bombard Commander is now called Siege Commander.

E-Cell and Torpedo Launcher have been removed.

All commanders:

  • Energy Income 8 -> 6

Support Comm:

  • Weapon Range bonus per level removed (if anything, Siege comm should do this).

Recon Comm:

  • Speed bonus removed (it has the best base speed and can jump).
  • Health 1800/2200/2800/3400/4000 -> 1600/2000/2500/3100/3800.
  • Can no longer use Range Modules.

Concussion Shell

  • Reload time 8s -> 15s (low reload time manual fire weapons are just micro sinks).
  • Range 500 -> 450


Jumpjet reload time is now affected by the appropriate status effects. Disarm and Paralysis pause reload time and Slow damage slows it down.


  • Health 900 -> 1000
  • Range 180 -> 250
  • Increased projectile speed to make it able to hit things.


Chat now filters out error messages by default.

Set Target is now supported by split attack. Hold Ctrl while giving an area Set Target command to split the targets between your selected units.

Added a small command indicator effect. There is also an alternate visualization for custom formations which is disabled for performance reasons.

Commander construction can now be queued before the game starts.

Blurry Halo Unit Selections has more options for configuration.

Automatic Retreat is a lot more responsive. Additionally some units do special actions when they start to retreat.

  • Swifts will turn towards their destination and use Boost.
  • Halberds will set themselves to hold fire and cancel their target.
  • Jumpjet units will jump towards their retreat goal.


CAI now values its units slightly more by giving them access to the Automatic Retreat system. Damaged units will attempt to escape from combat. To compensate for the extra repairing (and general excessing) CAI now likes to make more Caretakers. It has also gained the ability to play the Amphibious Bot Factory.

Unit Renames[edit]

The following units have been renamed.


  • Claws (Wolverine mine) cloak.
  • Added repair pad energy build power to its description.
  • Fixed Faraday build time.
  • Fixed some bomber reloading weirdness.
  • Replay control now changes speed directly in all cases.