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  • LoS: 605 - 660


  • LoS 484 -> 495

Radar Tower[edit]

  • HP: 81 -> 80

Sneaky Pete[edit]

  • HP: 712 -> 700


  • Firing arc: 140° -> 70°
  • Damage: 21 -> 15 (DPS: 196 -> 133)

Recon Commander[edit]

  • Level 0 no longer transportable by Valkyrie


  • Need to rearm before repair pads repair them.

Land Units[edit]

  • Speed loss with depth per height: 10% -> 7%


  • Removed XP morphs.
  • Inaccuracy no longer reduced by experience
  • Planet Wars structures no longer flatten ground on spawn
  • Stockpile and Morph obey slow and disarm
  • Experience gain simplified
  • Wrecks of jumping units now keep momentum and continue inertially
  • Default comm is Strike Trainer instead of Junior


  • Time to wait for disconnected players: 75 s -> 150 s
  • Time before default comm spawns: 30 s -> 15 s


  • Added Supreme Commander style camera to COFC.
  • Added AZERTY layout option to KB Menu.
  • Added SI system option to Context Menu
  • Added victory counter
  • Context Menu now shows Disarm, and AoE for crawling bombs
  • Improved the Economy Panel and Fac Panel
  • Some old helptexts updated
  • Chat now shows cheating, desync, speed change and resign
  • Widgets now have read access to more unit parameters
  • Polish helptext translation for campaign commanders

Bug fixes[edit]

  • Long-burn Napalm increases the burn time correctly for High Caliber Napalm Artillery
  • Context Menu now shows EMP damage correctly, and no longer shows fake weapons
  • Unit Start State widget now able to set unit retreat state to "Off"
  • DRP napalm and Pyro death now apply afterburn correctly
  • Fix one enemy color looking green
  • Sharing cloaked units now changes the cloak effect colour
  • Context Menu now shows Archer damage properly
  • Venom EMP obeys armor. Obedience is the correct behaviour.
  • Support Commander levels 2/3/4 now show the correct BP in tooltip
  • Placeholder no longer has instant self-destruction
  • Air transports will now unload Skuttle and Tick correctly
  • Grizzly no longer crashes when inserting its weapon into enemy hitbox
  • Lightning visual effect now lasts correctly with newest engine
  • Units will now fire at buried Stardusts correctly
  • Air pads no longer drain energy when disabled