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The most noticeable change of this version is the removal of global storage. Commanders are now the source of your initial metal and energy storage so losing them hurts a bit more (this gives it the @Shadowfury333 seal of approval). However, the pain shouldn't be too great because your economy should run with no storage, just with no ability to absorb fluctuations.

Part of the motivation of the storage change is consistency. There are no no global sources of storage and nothing is tied to any particular player. There is now no need for special rules about who, if anyone, gets extra storage in cases such as resigning allies, uneven teams and commshare. The storage just follows the owner of the commander. It should also make commanders a juicer target, which is nice.

Other notable contributions are from @Sprung with various fixes and cleanups, @Aquanim with the improved drone controls, @_Shaman with commshare and @aeonios with the improved halo selections widget.



* Now have 500 storage to offset to lack of global storage.


*  LOS 440 -> 517. This matches the rule that most units with less than around 600 range should have LOS equal to 110% their maximum range.

Stinger and Lotus:

* Lowered aim points, except when near a cliff. This makes them more vulnerable to ballistic units and in particular improves Hammer vs raised Stinger.


* Improved skirmish AI to take its own velocity into account. Riots such as Warriors have a much harder time hitting it.


* Slowbeam range 350 -> 450 to match the main gun. This is intended to help against heavy targets such as Dante. Of course, it helps against smaller units as well but there are many anti-small nerfs available to the unit.


* Range 300 -> 325. This enables it to reliable target the ground.


* Removed gun because it can't be trusted to not teamkill.
* Powered by clockwork.


* Reduced cratering by a factor of 10.


* Reduced the number of nanoframes placable per second from infinity to 30.

Buffed new players against the Spider, Jump, Amphib and Ship factories. These factories are now open on the sides such that you can block the entire front and still extract your units. This will be applied to the other land factories, pending models.


Fixed command insert interaction with the construction of blocks of structures (lines, rectangles etc..). Command insert now adds blocks of structures as a chunk instead of potentially inserting them between many commands. The construction order of the block now matches the order of construction when command insert is not used.

Added commshare. In the default mode it can be access with a WIP interface using the hotkey 'h'. Players can merge and unmerge control throughout the game. The commshare modoption can also either enforce full commshare throughout the game or disable optional merge.

Improved drone controls.

* Drones now hold fire if their carrier is set to hold fire.
* Attack commands for the carrier are better at causing the drones to attack a particular target.
* Drones respond to set target commands on their carrier in the same way they respond to attack commands.
* Added a command for carriers to recall their drones.

Improved the blurry halo selections widget, as seen above. It should now run on more graphics cards and look better.

Tick, Roach, Skuttle and Blastwing are now detonated by manual fire (hotkey D) in addition to the usual method.

Improved Felon and Clam walk animations.


* Fixed nonfunctional reserve truncation upon storage loss.
* Fixed reserve display fighting when commsharing.
* Fixed malfunctioning Brawler rear fan.
* Windgen nanoframes can no longer be told to jump.
* Fixed a button in the menu which would hide the map.
* Fixed terraform cursor with F5 (hide UI).
* Fixed new capture visual.
* Fixed stockpile display missing from the menu.
* Fixed cloak effect on so called 'advanced' models (.dae).
* Fixed Doomsday Machine description to say that its heatray requires power.