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Sea has received a significant rework. The Ship factory has been redesigned and torpedoes can hit hovercraft. Spiders have a new unit and there are some tweaks to other units. Performance should be improved, especially in the lategame.



  • Added Redback to act as a conventional riot unit for the Spider Factory.
    • It's armed with a particle beam. Beefy wheeled raiders will give it trouble so use terrain (and Venoms) to your advantage.


  • Reworked sea.
  • All Ships and Subs are effectively new units.
    • Now generally cheaper and have better defined roles.
  • Torpedoes now hit hovercraft.
  • Amphibious unit health regeneration is now based on water depth, not unit height.
    • This means floating units now heal at their full rate.


  • Cost: 350 -> 280


  • HP: 1200 -> 1250


  • Damage: 330 -> 310
  • Can shoot into water.
  • Always turns at full speed.
    • This will significantly reduce time spent accelerating after small turns.


  • Range: 155 -> 170


  • AoE: 320 -> 352


  • Reload time: 2.5s -> 3s
    • This was the value before the previous version. There was a small nerf to other attributes in the previous version and reload time was reduced accidentally.

Razor's Kiss[edit]

  • Renamed to Razor.


  • Raise terraform snaps to increments of 6 when Alt is held. This is the height required to block vehicles.


  • Significantly improved overdrive performance. This will be noticeable lategame.
  • Disarm damage is transferred when you morph.
  • Capture hierarchy is preserved through morph.
  • Fixed Mace and Lotus beam stutter.
  • Minor unit selection shapes fixes.
  • Minor fixes to aircraft rearming.
  • Fixed a delay in updating the movement speed of slowed ground units.