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Zero-K v1.6.5.6 - Balance and map updates[edit]


Here are some balance changes a result your feedback and our matchup data. Tanks and Thunderbird have received nerfs while the Rover and Spider riots have small buffs. We have also rotated out four maps from the matchmaker.



   Otago 1.1
   Shimmershore v1.0
   Zed 2.3


   Desert Needle Small 3.2
   Vittra v2.1
   Barren 2


Blitz has less damage to nerf it against Glaive and a little less range to nerf it against everything.

   Damage 200 -> 180
   Range 260 -> 245

Ripper should generally be better against raiders.

   Range 290 -> 300
   Reload 1.7 -> 1.633

Widow has a bit more range to help it reach tall turrets on cliffs.

   Range 100 -> 120

Thunderbird hits targets in a thinner line but should do approximately the same amount of single target damage.

   AoE 192 -> 160
   Spray angle reduced by 1/6th
   Damage (per bolt) 675 -> 650

Redback and Scorpion particle beams have a bit more burst. This is a 5% increase to DPS.

   Damage 60 -> 70
   Reload 0.3 -> 0.333


   Added a jumpjet loadscreen by thetryhardrabbit
   Added a sonic gun sound by Apelsinsaft


   Fixed Chainsaw firing issue.
   Fixed some unit shader issues on poor graphics cards.
   Fixed set target command in rectangle mode.