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* Roaches and Ticks are now visible when ejected from a transport mid-air
* Gauss footprint: 2x2 -> 3x3
* Jump cooldown obeys status effects and is preserved through morph
* Submarines taken out of water are targetable by land weapons and receive full damage from them
* Quill now has a nano-arm animation, replacing arbitrary 2s delay before building

= UI[edit]

* Added Insert and Delete keybinds for building rotation. They coexist with the previous keybinds, this is to fix the German keyboard problem
* Ravager now skirmed by Slasher Tactical AI
* Added an option for mex circles to show owner colour
* Unit Marker improved: added factories to the mark list and you can now pick which units to mark
* Reorganised the help section of the F10 menu. There's now a basic ingame wiki here alongside the unit list
* Various improvements to Central Build AI


  • LLT and HLT obey status effects when aiming
  • HLT will start re-aim animation after a shot faster (100ms after the beam ends, was 400-900 previously)
  • Morph can be queued while jumping
  • Morph will no longer finalize mid-jump (waits at 100% until landing)
  • Removed OTA cursor set


  • Fixed outdated Leviathan helptext (no longer has antinuke)
  • Fixed Ferry Routes not working for captured/transferred units
  • Fixed a Jumpjet GUI crash
  • Fixed Slasher tactical AI being enabled by default
  • Fixed Quake and Tremor causing a disproportionately large amount of dirt particles
  • Fixed Commander area shield conversion module not being applied sometimes
  • Fixed Wolverine water impact effect
  • Fixed cursors from the default set (all from the static set and some from the animated set) not showing with hardware acceleration
  • Fixed missile silo range indicator text not following camera rotation
  • Fixed multiple game-over exploits
  • Fixed dying jumping Recon commanders being teleported around the map
  • Fixed multiple issues with Unit Selection Shapes, XRay and Outlines
  • Fixed camera sometimes starting horizontally
  • Fixed camera zoom speed
  • Fixed HLT turning the opposite way at different turn speed when giving an attack order at (90, 180) degrees from current heading