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Aquanim continues to balance sea and the codebase has received many background cleanups and small fixes. The new UI is now the default and in terms of land balance Dominatrix may be OP.

Default UI Enforcement Opt-Out[edit]

The UI rework has reached the point where it is enabled by default. To switch to it select "New UI Minimap Right" in "Settings/HUD Presets". It is incomplete but it does as least as much as the previous default. It looks like this:


As always, the default only applies to clean installs. However, this policy has ended up painting us into a corner. The UI used by most players tends to be a snapshot of whatever the default UI was when they first installed ZK. At worst this UI is broken and at best it is not something I want to fully support. The situation I imagine is someone with an eight month old default suddenly having a window overlap issue due to more recent changes. Players with experience modifying their UI can simply remove the widget or move the window. Players that barely modify their UI should not be expect to be able to solve these problems themselves.

I would like to apply the new default UI to anyone who is using an old default. Especially since the new window position handler is able to reset the UI to default upon detecting a screen resolution change. Clearly if you have modified your UI this is not something you want. To solve this I implemented an opt-out for default UI updates.

[b]Important:[/b] there is now an option "Stay up to date" in "Settings/HUD Presets" and it is enabled by default. Currently, this option does nothing. In February this option will set the UI Preset to the default window layout, whatever that may be by February. Other things may be changed as required. If you want to keep your custom UI then you have by February to disable the option.



  • Cost 560 -> 600
  • HP 4200 -> 4000
  • Missile reload time 10s -> 16s (40 -> 25 DPS)


  • Projectile speed 330 -> 400 elmo/s


  • Speed 2.5 -> 2.3 (75 -> 69 elmo/s)
  • Slasher missile weapon replaced with Recluse-Rogue: a burst of four wobbly Rogue missiles with 8s reload.


  • Capture decay now applies 5s after taking capture damage instead of instantly. This means that one Dominatrix can capture anything if it waits for long enough.

This behaviour was always the intention, however, it was not (probably never) functional. This is mainly a buff against large units because removing their 4% capture decay while actively being captured is a larger change for expensive units. This change is in a good direction because Dominatrix is meant to be anti-heavy.

Screamer now explodes like a Annihilator instead of a Defender.

Removed Surfboard. Something like Surfboard can be re-added but the current implementation was too broken.

Unit AI[edit]

Wolverine tactical AI is now better at staying out of Grizzly range. It is still not great at this though, since Wolverine has a large turning circle.

Improved Raven overkill prevention. Now it removes its attack order immediately upon realizing that its first target is doomed.

Global build command:

  • Added an auto-retreat option.
  • Added worker update rate option (for poor CPU/internet).
  • Fixed some performance and stuck unit issues.

Fixed Scorchers not diving Windgens and Mexes.


  • Added "Stay up to date" option to "Settings/HUD Presets".
  • Set "minimapRight" as the default HUD panel layout.
  • Vote widget remembers its position.
  • Moved vote widget to the left side of the screen for the new default UI layout.
  • Moved chicken panel default position to the top right of the screen (previously bottom right).
  • Powerplant descriptions are more descriptive.
  • Improved Strike Commander animation. Fixed Guardian Commander and Dante animation.
  • Improved capture controller visuals.
  • Improved Djinn Lamp placement. Placement is now cancellable and has better command queue interaction.
  • Mex placement now works with command insert.
  • Mex placement now works (consistently) with persistent build height.
  • Persistent build height now works with command insert.
  • Mex placement now works with both persistent build height and command insert at the same time.
  • Terraform construction updates more smoothly (technically, this affects balance).

Dante animation comparison: https://youtu.be/KYnXnNGAvuQ


  • Added good start boxes for LLTACompleteV2.
  • Fixed unit reclaiming issue, it is now exactly as hard to area reclaim your own units as it should be.
  • Melee chicken attacks are no longer blocked by wrecks.
  • Fixed Gauss ambient occlusion.
  • Fixed Raven overkill prevention bug which caused them to occasionally not fire at static targets.
  • Fix Pyro aiming, they now know that they have a spherical weapon.
  • Fixed Lamp destruction bug.
  • Removed some deprecated modoptions.
  • Lots of definition file cleanup.