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Starlight finally has a new model, something more fitting of the most expensive thing you can build. Starlight might see more use as Bantha has received a nerf as a result of free-for-all and endgame feedback. Smaller units have also received attention with many unit AI improvements and a fix for non-functional slow weaponry.



* Larger Hitvolume: It is now a 60 radius cylinder instead of a 55 wide and 35 deep box. This should make it weaker to spread weapons and Ultimatium.
* Reduced Speed 1.72 -> 1.55. This puts it between Dante and Detriment instead of approximately the same as Dante. It can still skirmish Detriment with no problem.
* Reduced Health 36k -> 32k.


* LargerHitvolume: radius 80 cylinder -> radius 92. It was looking a bit thin in comparison to Bantha.


* Size 8x8 -> 10x10

Fixed slow damage.

Unit AI[edit]

* Most precise unguided rockets and plasma cannons now have overkill prevention against structures. This is an improvement for many assaults, precise artillery, Rocko and Rogue.
* Added overkill prevention for Placeholder. They try to avoid overlapping their shots (unless against a particularly heavy foe).
* Mid-range units avoid explosive structures (Fusions, Pylons etc...).
* Fixed some Scorcher dive and heatray target priority bugs.
* Wolverines now skirmish everything.
* Added tactical AI for Impaler, Pillager, Bantha and Grizzly
* Anti-heavies now prioritize heavy units more strongly.
* Reduced the target priority of unidentified radar dots.
* Reduced the target priority of wobbling radar dots for unguided precise weapons.

Fixes and Interface[edit]

* Added ingame ignore.
* The camera now zooms to your startbox upon commander selection.
* Fixed cloaked flying Blastwings.
* Fixed Shredder wreck.

Added map boxes:

* Harbinger
* Sands of War
* Added fallback boxes.