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Zero-K v1.6.2.10 - Factory Cost[edit]


This is a tiny version prompted by a failure to include the Antinuke fix in the previous release. We've taken the opportunity to nerf Dart, reduce the factory cost change and improve the singleplayer UI.


Factory (and Strider Hub) cost 1000 -> 800 (was 600).


* Cost 35 -> 40.
* Damage 45/135 -> 35/140.
* Range 180 -> 150.


* Added an ally to the Jumpfac mission to make it a bit easier.
* Added the load game submenu to the Singleplayer menu. Save/load still requires a lot of fixing and testing.
* Added a restart option to the ingame menu for singleplayer and coop games.


* Actually fixed Antinuke.
* Added custom boxes for Apophis v2_3.
* Fixed rare errors with shield colour and Starlight death.