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Zero-K v1.6.5.0 - Fancy shields[edit]


The fixes and features have stacked to the point that it is time to make a content release. The most noticable change is the much improved shield shader, which only just missed out on inclusion in our initial release. A notable fix is to overkill prevention against healing targets as this was reasonably easy to trigger with light artillery.

* Added fancy hex grid shield with a wobble effect on impact.
* Improved Ramp terraform tooltip to make it clearer how to change height.
* "Exit to Lobby" resigns. If you want to leave and reconnect, for whatever reason, go to Lobby (F11) and press Leave.
* Default to All Chat when you have no teammates.
* Added a button to the top left of the UI for defence range settings. Added a setting to draw scouted radar ranges.
* Updated Kamikaze trophy icon.
* Fixed some main menu tooltip bugs.
* Fixed some reconnection detection issues.
* Fixed low command visibility settings.
* Fixed Guardian steel skin.
* Fixed overkill prevention against targets which are regenerating or being repaired.
* Fixed various minor bugs an errors, especially relating to save/load.