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Dagger has its nerf partially reverted because apparently the metagame needed much more time to adjust:

  • Cost 90 → 85

Sniper nerfed in a way which spares mid cost units and makes Hammer look more attractive:

  • Reload 15 → 18

Recluse has a small buff to see if it can regain usefulness:

  • Cost 300 → 280

Moderator has a larger buff because it has always had trouble usefulness. The aim is to see how Jumpbots play with a powerful Moderator:

  • Cost 300 → 240

Firewalker now sprays many small fires over a slightly large area. This causes more intense fire damage at short range and increases its damage against shields. The rediculusness of the change is to see if Firewalker can be useful.

  • AoE 256 → 128
  • Projectiles 2 → 10
  • Increased spray angle on projectiles.
  • Duration 20 → 16
  • Cost 1200 → 900

Fixed and slightly buffed gravity guns to compensate for engine changes.

Aircraft non-combat regeneration now activates after a period of not taking any damage (this is consistent with land units). Previously aircraft would have to be landed to regenerate. This is important for Banshee which has Glaive-like quick regen (10 HP/s after 5s); all other aircraft have standard 5 HP/s after 60s regen.

Sea Balance[edit]

As we all know, sea balance is quite different to ordinary balance. For this set of changes the aim is to make torpedoes good to use while reducing the scalability of underwater armies poorly due to low range. This is acheived by giving most torpedoes decent damage and a lot less range.

Scallop redesigned as an effective underwater riot:

  • Much more able to hit fast things
  • AoE 64 → 100
  • Damage 180 → 360
  • Reload 1 → 2
  • Range 430 → 230
  • Sonar Range 300 → 350

Hunter also redesigned as an effective riot with can outrange Scallops:

  • Health 1850 → 1200
  • Damage 96 → 186
  • Impulse significantly reduced.
  • Range 340 → 350
  • Reload 1.4 → 2.2
  • Improved tactical AI

Typhoon speed buff (otherwise Hunter beats it):

  • Speed 2.5 → 3.0

Reduced Snake wackiness. Less of a glass cannon and more of a normal unit:

  • Health 375 → 600
  • Range 290 → 210
  • Reload 7.5 → 5.5


  • Cost 900 → 800


Banisher now has overkill prevention

Replay control improved

  • speed buttons show current speed
  • there is an optional progress bar
  • clicking the progress bar jumps to the selected time


  • Widgets now call UnitDestroyed for enemy units that die in LoS
  • Dominatrix dish now has an open-up animation when finished
  • Removed "Unploppable air facs" modoption
  • Stardust and Razor obey status effect when aiming
  • Chicken Queen will no longer land or start flying when disarmed
  • Reworked start position shuffle. There are now 3 options: off, shuffle (shuffles among the boxes that currently contain people) and all-shuffle (shuffles among all boxes).


  • Fixed some stupid vector handling in tactical AI
  • Fixed Reef antinuke being able to miss
  • Fixed Chicken Queen being prevented from flying even without full EMP
  • Fixed Hovercraft Platform build area being shifted to the side
  • Fixed Claymore barrels homing back to the drop point when manually dropped in water
  • Fixed resigns during pause not causing game-over (making the game stuck because noone can unpause)
  • Fixed inflated multi-million Share Bear award values caused by finishing shared terraform
  • Fixed resign messages being filtered out by the chat
  • Fixed captured constructors being unable to area-mex
  • Fixed Ultimatum being able to target terraform
  • Fixed Reef texture being mostly black (now has a gray deck)
  • Fixed Raven dive not causing a slow-down when performed above deep water
  • Fixed Eco Panel resource bars being out-of-bounds when picking commander after game start
  • Fixed type map defaults not keeping speed bonuses equal (fixes eg. fast hovers on Geyser)
  • Fixed overkill prevention taking armor into account twice
  • Fixed units not having an aversion towards targeting disarmed targets when there are non-disarmed targets available
  • Fixed Dominatrix idle animation running when under construction
  • Fixed some outdated unit pictures
  • Fixed Geothermal Powerplant not emitting smoke when damaged
  • Fixed some units having a middle wreck level that looked like debris but had full metal value (Stardust, Razor, Sonar, Fusion, Penetrator, Surfboard, Storage)
  • Fixed bug related to destroying a plane while it is taking off