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Removed Nano-shielding

Nanoframe hitvolumes now grow from ground level to full height during the first 40% of construction. This makes it much harder (and possibly pointless) to block small shots and fixes the Zenith nanoframe tactical missile defense.


Vandal now has overkill prevention. There have also been some improvements in damage tracking.

Dominatrix now really likes to target things which are partially captured. Other units have a mild aversion against targeting such units.

The aimpoints (spots that are aimed at when trying to shoot at something) of commanders are slightly higher, especially for Support Comm. This is because their weapons could be much higher than their old aimpoints which would let them shoot over walls with no retaliation.

Fixed Penetrator aimpoint and hitvolume as well.


* Attempt to fix rare music pitch bug.
* Nuclear missile launches are now always audible.
* Fixed a rare case where undead aircraft would take up repair pad spots for eternity.
* Some sort of Central Build AI fix.