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This page lists the internal unit names of units and buildings in Zero-K, including test/unused/template units and excluding commanders.

Unit names and IDs

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Unit def name Human name In-game description
amphaa Angler Amphibious Anti-Air Bot
amphassault Grizzly Heavy Amphibious Assault Walker
amphbomb Limpet Amphibious Slow Bomb
amphcon Conch Amphibious Construction Bot, Armored When Idle
amphfloater Buoy Heavy Amphibious Skirmisher Bot
amphimpulse Archer Amphibious Raider/Riot Bot
amphlaunch Lobster Amphibious Launcher Bot
amphraid Duck Amphibious Raider Bot (Anti-Sub)
amphriot Scallop Amphibious Riot Bot (Anti-Sub)
amphsupport Bulkhead Deployable Amphibious Fire Support (must stop to fire)
amphtele Djinn Amphibious Teleport Bridge
assaultcruiser Vanquisher Heavy Cruiser (Assault)
asteroid Asteroid Space Rock
athena Athena Airborne SpecOps Engineer
bomberassault Eclipse Assault Bomber (Anti-Static)
bomberdisarm Thunderbird Disarming Lightning Bomber
bomberheavy Likho Singularity Bomber
bomberprec Raven Precision Bomber
bomberriot Phoenix Saturation Napalm Bomber
bomberstrike Kestrel Tactical Strike Bomber
chicken Chicken Swarmer
chicken_blimpy Blimpy Dodo Bomber
chicken_digger Digger Burrowing Scout/Raider
chicken_dodo Dodo Chicken Bomb
chicken_dragon White Dragon Prime Assault Chicken
chicken_drone Drone Morphs Into Chicken Structures
chicken_drone_starter Drone Morphs Into Chicken Structures
chicken_leaper Leaper Hopping Raider
chicken_listener Listener Burrowing Mobile Seismic Detector
chicken_pigeon Pigeon Flying Spore Scout
chicken_rafflesia Rafflesia Chicken Shield (Static)
chicken_roc Roc Heavy Attack Flyer
chicken_shield Blooper Shield/Anti-Air
chicken_spidermonkey Spidermonkey All-Terrain Support
chicken_sporeshooter Sporeshooter All-Terrain Spores (Anti-Air/Skirm)
chicken_tiamat Tiamat Heavy Assault/Riot
chickena Cockatrice Assault/Anti-Armor
chickenblobber Blobber Heavy Artillery
chickenbroodqueen Chicken Brood Queen Tends the Nest
chickenc Basilisk All-Terrain Riot
chickend Chicken Tube Defense and energy source
chickenf Talon Flying Spike Spitter
chickenflyerqueen Chicken Flyer Queen Clucking Hell!
chickenlandqueen Chicken Queen Clucking Hell!
chickenr Lobber Artillery
chickens Spiker Skirmisher
chickenspire Chicken Spire Static Artillery
chickenwurm Wurm Burrowing Flamer (Assault/Riot)
cloakaa Gremlin Cloaked Anti-Air Bot
cloakarty Sling Light Artillery Bot
cloakassault Knight Lightning Assault Bot
cloakbomb Imp All Terrain EMP Bomb (Burrows)
cloakcon Conjurer Cloaked Construction Bot
cloakheavyraid Scythe Cloaked Raider Bot
cloakjammer Iris Area Cloaker/Jammer Walker
cloakraid Glaive Light Raider Bot
cloakriot Reaver Riot Bot
cloakskirm Ronin Skirmisher Bot (Direct-Fire)
cloaksnipe Phantom Cloaked Skirmish/Anti-Heavy Artillery Bot
damagesink Damage Sink thing Does not care if you shoot at it.
dronecarry Gull Carrier Drone
dronefighter Spicula Fighter Drone
droneheavyslow Viper Advanced Battle Drone
dronelight Firefly Attack Drone
empiricaldpser Empirical DPS thing Shoot at it for science.
empiricaldpsersmall Empirical DPS thing (small) Shoot at it for science.
empmissile Shockley EMP missile
energyfusion Fusion Reactor Medium Powerplant (+35)
energygeo Geothermal Generator Medium Powerplant (+25)
energyheavygeo Advanced Geothermal Large Powerplant (+100) - HAZARDOUS
energypylon Energy Pylon Extends overdrive grid
energysingu Singularity Reactor Large Powerplant (+225) - HAZARDOUS
energysolar Solar Collector Small Powerplant (+2)
energywind Wind/Tidal Generator Small Powerplant
factoryamph Amphbot Factory Produces Amphibious Bots
factorycloak Cloakbot Factory Produces Cloaked, Mobile Robots
factorygunship Gunship Plant Produces Gunships
factoryhover Hovercraft Platform Produces Hovercraft
factoryjump Jumpbot Factory Produces Jumpjet Equipped Robots
factoryplane Airplane Plant Produces Airplanes
factoryshield Shieldbot Factory Produces Tough Robots
factoryship Shipyard Produces Naval Units
factoryspider Spider Factory Produces Spiders
factorytank Tank Foundry Produces Heavy Tracked Vehicles
factoryveh Rover Assembly Produces Light Wheeled Vehicles
fakeunit Fake radar signal Created by scrambling devices.
fakeunit_aatarget Fake AA target Used by the jumpjet script.
fakeunit_los LOS Provider Knows all and sees all
generic_tech Generic Neutral Structure Unlocks tech
grebe Grebe Amphibious Raider Bot
gunshipaa Trident Anti-Air Gunship
gunshipassault Revenant Heavy Raider/Assault Gunship
gunshipbomb Blastwing Flying Bomb/Scout (Burrows)
gunshipcon Wasp Heavy Gunship Constructor
gunshipemp Gnat Anti-Heavy EMP Drone
gunshipheavyskirm Nimbus Fire Support Gunship
gunshipheavytrans Hercules Armed Heavy Air Transport
gunshipkrow Krow Flying Fortress
gunshipraid Locust Raider Gunship
gunshipskirm Harpy Multi-Role Support Gunship
gunshiptrans Charon Air Transport
hoveraa Flail Anti-Air Hovercraft
hoverarty Lance Anti-Heavy Artillery Hovercraft
hoverassault Halberd Blockade Runner Hover
hovercon Quill Construction Hovercraft
hoverdepthcharge Claymore Anti-Sub Hovercraft
hoverheavyraid Bolas Disruptor Hovercraft
hoverminer Dampener Minelaying Hover
hoverraid Dagger Fast Attack Hovercraft
hoverriot Mace Riot Hover
hovershotgun Punisher Shotgun Hover
hoverskirm Scalpel Skirmisher/Anti-Heavy Hovercraft
hoverskirm2 Trisula Light Assault/Battle Hovercraft
hoversonic Morningstar Antisub Hovercraft
jumpaa Toad Heavy Anti-Air Jumper
jumparty Firewalker Saturation Artillery Walker
jumpassault Jack Melee Assault Jumper
jumpblackhole Placeholder Black Hole Launcher
jumpbomb Skuttle Cloaked Jumping Anti-Heavy Bomb
jumpcon Constable Jumpjet Constructor
jumpraid Pyro Raider/Riot Jumper
jumpscout Puppy Walking Missile
jumpskirm Moderator Disruptor Skirmisher Walker
jumpsumo Jugglenaut Heavy Riot Jumper
mahlazer Starlight Planetary Energy Chisel
napalmmissile Inferno Napalm Missile
nebula Nebula Atmospheric Mothership
planecon Crane Construction Aircraft
planefighter Swift Multi-role Fighter
planeheavyfighter Raptor Air Superiority Fighter
planelightscout Sparrow Light Scout Plane
planescout Owl Area Jammer, Radar/Sonar Plane
plateamph Amphbot Plate Parallel Unit Production
platecloak Cloakbot Plate Parallel Unit Production
plategunship Gunship Plate Parallel Unit Production
platehover Hovercraft Plate Parallel Unit Production
platejump Jumpbot Plate Parallel Unit Production
plateplane Airplane Plate Parallel Unit Production
plateshield Shieldbot Plate Parallel Unit Production
plateship Ship Plate Parallel Unit Production
platespider Spider Plate Parallel Unit Production
platetank Tank Plate Parallel Unit Production
plateveh Rover Plate Parallel Unit Production
pw_artefact Ancient Artefact Mysterious Relic
pw_bomberfac Bomber Factory Produces bombers
pw_dropfac Dropship Factory Produces dropships
pw_estorage Energy Storage Stores energy
pw_estorage2 Double Energy Storage Stores energy
pw_garrison Field Garrison Reduces Influence gain
pw_gaspowerstation Gas Power Station Produces Energy
pw_generic Generic Neutral Structure  
pw_grid Planetary Defense Grid Defends against everything
pw_guerilla Guerilla Jumpgate Spreads Influence remotely
pw_hq_attacker Attacker Command PlanetWars Field HQ (changes influence gain)
pw_hq_defender Defender Command PlanetWars Field HQ (changes influence gain)
pw_inhibitor Wormhole Inhibitor Blocks Influence Spread
pw_interception Interception Network Intercepts planetary bombers
pw_metal Ancient Fabricator Produces Metal out of thin air (+10)
pw_mine Power Generator Unit Produces 50 energy/turn
pw_mine2 Orbital Solar Array Produces 100 energy/turn
pw_mine3 Planetary Geothermal Tap Produces 250 energy/turn
pw_mstorage2 Metal Storage Stores metal
pw_relay Communication Relay Sends messages across the void
pw_techlab Tech Lab Contains powerful ancient technology
pw_warpgate Warp Gate Produces warp cores
pw_warpgatealt Warp Gate Produces warp cores
pw_warpjammer Warp Jammer Prevents warp attacks
pw_wormhole Wormhole Generator Links this planet to nearby planets
pw_wormhole2 Improved Wormhole Links this planet to nearby planets
raveparty Disco Rave Party Destructive Rainbow Projector
rocksink Rocking Damage Sink thing Rocks when you shoot at it.
roost Roost Spawns Chicken
seismic Quake Seismic Missile
shieldaa Vandal Anti-Air Bot
shieldarty Racketeer Disarming Artillery
shieldassault Thug Shielded Assault Bot
shieldbomb Snitch Crawling Bomb (Burrows)
shieldcon Convict Shielded Construction Bot
shieldfelon Felon Shielded Riot/Skirmisher Bot
shieldraid Bandit Medium-Light Raider Bot
shieldriot Outlaw Riot Bot
shieldscout Dirtbag Box of Dirt
shieldshield Aspis Area Shield Walker
shieldskirm Rogue Skirmisher Bot (Indirect Fire)
shipaa Zephyr Anti-Air Frigate
shiparty Envoy Cruiser (Artillery)
shipassault Siren Destroyer (Riot/Assault)
shipcarrier Reef Aircraft Carrier (Bombardment), stockpiles disarm missiles at 5 m/s
shipcon Mariner Construction Ship
shipheavyarty Shogun Battleship (Heavy Artillery)
shipriot Corsair Corvette (Raider/Riot)
shipscout Cutter Picket Ship (Disarming Scout)
shipskirm Mistral Rocket Boat (Skirmisher)
shiptorpraider Hunter Torpedo-Boat (Raider)
spideraa Tarantula Anti-Air Spider
spideranarchid Anarchid Riot EMP Spider
spiderantiheavy Widow Cloaked Scout/Anti-Heavy
spiderassault Hermit All Terrain Assault Bot
spidercon Weaver Construction Spider
spidercrabe Crab Heavy Riot/Skirmish Spider - Curls into Armored Form When Stationary
spideremp Venom Lightning Riot Spider
spiderriot Redback Riot Spider
spiderscout Flea Ultralight Scout Spider (Burrows)
spiderskirm Recluse Skirmisher Spider (Indirect Fire)
starlight_satellite Glint Starlight relay satellite
staticantinuke Antinuke Strategic Nuke Interception System
staticarty Cerberus Plasma Artillery Battery - Power by connecting to a 50 energy grid
staticcon Caretaker Construction Assistant
staticheavyarty Big Bertha Strategic Plasma Cannon
staticheavyradar Advanced Radar Long-Range Radar
staticjammer Cornea Area Cloaker/Jammer
staticmex Metal Extractor Produces Metal
staticmissilesilo Missile Silo Produces Tactical Missiles
staticnuke Trinity Strategic Nuclear Launcher, Drains 18 m/s, 3 minute stockpile
staticradar Radar Tower Early Warning System
staticrearm Airpad Repairs and Rearms Aircraft, repairs at 2.5 e/s per pad
staticshield Aegis Area Shield
staticsonar Sonar Station Locates Water Units
staticstorage Storage Stores Metal and Energy (500)
striderantiheavy Ultimatum Cloaked Anti-Heavy/Anti-Strider Walker
striderarty Merlin Heavy Saturation Artillery Strider
striderbantha Paladin Ranged Support Strider
striderdante Dante Assault/Riot Strider
striderdetriment Detriment Ultimate Assault Strider
striderfunnelweb Funnelweb Shield Support Strider
striderhub Strider Hub Constructs Striders
striderscorpion Scorpion Cloaked Infiltration Strider
subraider Seawolf Attack Submarine (Stealth Raider)
subscout Lancelet Scout/Suicide Minisub
subtacmissile Scylla Tactical Nuke Missile Sub, Drains 20 m/s, 30 second stockpile
tacnuke Eos Tactical Nuke
tankaa Ettin Flak Anti-Air Tank
tankarty Emissary General-Purpose Artillery
tankassault Minotaur Assault Tank
tankcon Welder Armed Construction Tank
tankheavyarty Tremor Heavy Saturation Artillery Tank
tankheavyassault Cyclops Very Heavy Tank Buster
tankheavyraid Blitz Lightning Assault/Raider Tank
tankraid Kodachi Raider Tank
tankriot Ogre Heavy Riot Support Tank
tele_beacon Lamp Teleport Bridge Entry Beacon, right click to teleport.
terraunit Terraform This unit represents an area being terraformed.
tiptest Turn In Place test Tests turn in place
turretaaclose Hacksaw Burst Anti-Air Turret
turretaafar Chainsaw Long-Range Anti-Air Missile Battery
turretaaflak Thresher Anti-Air Flak Gun
turretaaheavy Artemis Very Long-Range Anti-Air Missile Tower, Drains 4 m/s, 20 second stockpile
turretaalaser Razor Hardened Anti-Air Laser
turretantiheavy Lucifer Tachyon Projector - Power by connecting to a 50 energy grid
turretemp Faraday EMP Turret
turretgauss Gauss Gauss Turret, 10 health/s when closed
turretheavy Desolator Medium Range Defense Fortress - Power by connecting to a 50 energy grid
turretheavylaser Stinger High-Energy Laser Tower
turretimpulse Newton Gravity Turret
turretlaser Lotus Light Laser Tower
turretmissile Picket Light Missile Tower
turretriot Stardust Anti-Swarm Turret
turretsunlance Sunlance Anti-Tank Turret - Requires 25 Power
turrettorp Urchin Torpedo Launcher
vehaa Crasher Fast Anti-Air Rover
veharty Badger Artillery Minelayer Rover
vehassault Ravager Assault Rover
vehcapture Dominatrix Capture Rover
vehcon Mason Construction Rover
vehheavyarty Impaler Precision Artillery Rover
vehraid Scorcher Raider Rover
vehriot Ripper Riot Rover
vehscout Dart Disruptor Raider/Scout Rover
vehsupport Fencer Deployable Missile Rover (must stop to fire)
wolverine_mine Claw Badger Mine
zenith Zenith Meteor Controller

Generation code

The above wiki table can be generated using a widget with the following Lua code:

function widget:Initialize()
	local file ="testwidget.txt", "w")
	file:write([[{|class="wikitable sortable"]] .. "\n")
	file:write("! Unit def name || Human name\n")	-- || Description\n")
	for i=1,#UnitDefs do
		local ud = UnitDefs[i]
		if not ud.customParams.level then
			local unitname =
			local name = ud.humanName
			local desc = Spring.Utilities.GetDescription(ud, nil)
			local helptext = Spring.Utilities.GetHelptext(ud)
			file:write("|" .. unitname .. " || " .. "[[" .. name .. "]]\n")	-- .. " || " .. desc .. "\n")	-- .. "\t" .. helptext .. "\n")